Make Your Fair Housing Decisions with Confidence

Are You Using Best Practices In Managing Your Fair Housing Matters?

Use the Active Loss Prevention system created by litigators to manage your fair housing matters.

Claims of Discrimination
Accommodation Requests
Modification Requests


Real-time access on every issue.


Real-time legal advice on every issue.

Cost Effective

Flat-Fee Subscription for Affordable and Consistent Budgeting.

Cost Effective

Flat-Fee Subscription for Affordable and Consistent Budgeting.


Take the guesswork out of Fair Housing.


Take the guesswork out of Fair Housing.

Fair Housing Claims are on the Rise
There is a Way to Manage Your Risk

Hear it from Your Peers

“Smart, affordable, and professional. Someone we can trust with Fair Housing issues.”

— Erica Arthur, Ovation

“A very valuable extension of our business and service we can count on.”

— Debbie Blackford, Picerne Real Estate Group

Why Fair Housing Assurance

Give your managers the best support on a flat-fee subscription basis.

Annual training is not sufficient to protect you in today’s legally charged environment.

From claims of discrimination to requests for reasonable accommodation of policies and modifications…. we have you covered. Whether it is a request for a grab bar in the bathroom, a special parking space, or any other request, your managers will have access to our team and systems in order to be in compliance and resolve matters.

Your asset and managers deserve the best practices in managing fair housing matters.

So if you are seeking to centralize the handling of fair housing issues throughout your portfolio, or simply improve the protections for each of your fair housing decisions, the Fair Housing Assurance plan is the right move for peace of mind and protection for all your assets.

Fair Housing Assurance is part of the Active Loss Prevention services provided by Premises RMS. With More than 20 years of experience, Premises RMS has developed proactive systems to protect the multifamily industry from liability exposure.

Need more reasons to subscribe? How about these factors:


Use the Loss Prevention System created to improve protections and reduce exposure to you and your asset.


Fair Housing Assurance’s unique flat-fee subscription approach allows for very predictable and affordable costs.


Our professionals have over 20 years of extensive experience in risk management and resolving disputes.